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President Jammeh gives cash to Red Scorpions

Apr 12, 2013, 11:51 AM

President Yahya Jammeh on Wednesday gave D100,000 to Red Scorpions football team.

Presenting the cash to the team, the Minister of Youth and Sports Alieu K. Jammeh hailed the performance of the team despite been a performance at a friendly international tournament.

Speaking to reporters shortly after the presentation ceremony at the Friendship Hostel in Bakau on Wednesday, the team’s head coach Choro Mbenga expressed his joy saying she was not amazed with the gesture from the head of state, as he has been a man of extraordinary generosity.

She said: “The President has been doing it for women and will continue doing it as he is a man who is so concerned about his people, especially women.”

Alieu K. Jammeh, Minister of Youth and Sports, in presenting the cash to Red Scorpions, said that when they were approached and informed by the clubs about the international competition and their intention to represent the country, as a ministry, they also extended the information to the president.

Minister Jammeh stated that the President, as usual, is also out to support women in sport to explore their skills and talents in what they do through his abundant generosity and care.

“What the president needs from the youth of the country is to get up and tighten their belts and begin to grab the opportunities that he continues to create for them in all directions and economic sectors of the country,” the minister said.

“We are all aware of the abundance of opportunities created by the President and his Government for the young people to excel in any dream that is positive which they desire themselves.”

He said they have seen youths who have taken their own initiatives to enter the business environment and today are doing very well for themselves, adding that it is the same story in other sectors as well.

He added that the president wants youth to continue grabbing the opportunities available to them and for those who are left behind to change their attitude.

“We all have seen what the President has contributed towards the development of sport in the country, particularly football, not because he is bias to football but because it is the sport most of us are attached to.”

Minister Jammeh said the President has done a lot for sport and will continue to do it but what they expect from the youth is to behave well, to continue expressing high sense of discipline, respect and commitment in whatever good they are doing.

The president would like to continue to encourage the youth to show the same commitment and interest they have shown in football and the desire they continue to demonstrate to see football as an avenue where they can make a good living for themselves.

Whether they are going for proper competition or friendly competitions it does not matter to the President as long as they are showing interest, commitment and desire to succeed and do well for themselves and the country, the president will continue to support them, Minister Jammeh said.

Not long ago, the president gave beautiful reward to the U-17 female team and officials for representing The Gambia in Azerbaijan, he said, adding that in addition he gave a brand new Coaster bus to the female team.

Since the female team has such a person who is pampering them with support, they should redouble their efforts and pray, thank and stand side by side with the president in trying to develop the nation, particularly in sport, Hon. Jammeh said.

“We are all stakeholders in this,” he said, while assuring them of government support.

Red Scorpions finished fourth in the competition.