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Politics should not divide us

Sep 2, 2011, 1:01 PM

Politics is all about understanding, and also to address the priority needs of citizens, in order to meet  the demand of people, but these goals can only be achieved in a peaceful environment.

In the absence of peace, it would be very difficult to attain any meaningful economic development.

It is the role of the politicians to nurture peace and harmony in a country,  for as role models it is incumbent upon them to advise their supporters  to maintain peace and order  during the campaign period.

We have to understand that violence will not take us anywhere, but backward.

For how long would we allow ourselves to be divided by politicians, who should serve our interest in government.

Political education is important for any sound democracy to thrive.

This is a process that would enlighten the citizens to be fully aware of their political rights.

We should not allow politics to divide us, since governments will come and go, and people still remain.

Some of the conflicts happening in Africa today are as a result of election violence, which we should all prevent.

One thing we have to factor in is that, whenever violence happens, women and children are always more vulnerable.

Africa needs politicians who will bring peace and development to the doorsteps of its people.

So let us try to build up a continent of peace and stability.

Political maturity is important in the dispensation of  any democracy.

The number of political parties a country has does not matter.

The most essential element of a political party is on how best it is able to sell its manifesto to the electorate, and also bring development to the doorsteps of people.

All of us have to work hard for the total unification of our people.

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