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Police issue statement on factory tinted and non-factory tinted vehicles

Jul 27, 2017, 10:23 AM

The general public is hereby informed that issuance of clearance for factory tinted vehicles has commenced and as such, all tinted vehicle owners are advised to go to the Police Garage at Sankung Sillah Drive in Kanifing for verification of their vehicle tint.

Upon confirmation, factory tinted vehicle owners should pay a sum of two thousand dalasis (D2,000) to the nearest GRA outlet and go to the Police Headquarters for their clearance.

The Office of the Inspector General of Police urges all those in possession of vehicles that are not factory tinted to stop using it if not under the exempted category and obtain clearance if vehicle is factory tinted. 

The general public is urged to comply with this directive as the police will be on the ground to enforce it.

The understanding and cooperation of the general public particularly those directly affected is highly solicited.

Thank you.

Inspector Foday Conta

Police Public Relations Officer (P.R.O)

For:  Inspector General of Police