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Poetic X releases new album

Jun 10, 2011, 2:35 PM

Alliance Franco ground hall was full to capacity on Saturday when thousands of music lovers witnessed the most popular rapper artistes release their new album entitled Yon Bi Gudon.

Majority of the rappers’ fans came in large numbers to attend the event and support their stars.

Guest star artistes like Salam Gi, Tashman, Higrophil Army, ST and many others were on stage to perform.

The Poetic X new release comprises soft music with melodious soul mandinka background voice. The album’s central message is peace and unity among the youth.

Thanks to Africell, Unique FM, Paradise FM, City Limit Radio and the Block Studio who sponsored the event.

The 15-track album, which has been in the market since 3 June, was recorded in The Gambia at Maw J Sun of Light and in Dakar at A9 Studio.

One of the album’s tracks titled Sunu Deukla is already gaining a place in Gambian music chart.

The promotion show will continue, as Poetic X claims to revive the Gambian Hip Hop movement through going in for an open mike campaign for the release to get access to the public far and beyond The Gambia.