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Poetic X adds on Festa2h festival

Jun 6, 2014, 10:51 AM

Poetic Xtremez, Gambia’s hip-hop group, has added on the artistes to represent The Gambia in the 9th edition of the ‘International Festival of Hip-Hop and urban culture’ (Festa2h) on 4-8 June 2014 in Senegal.

Poetic X joins Killa Ace, who was selected again  to represent The Gambia in the 9th edition of the ‘International Festival of Hip-Hop and urban culture’ (Festa2h) on 4-8 June, 2014 in Senegal.

Ousman Cham, Manager of Poetic X, describes the move as positive one to send their messages across the globe and use the platform as a networking with other hip-hop gurus in the world to share ideas and best practices.

“We believe that hip-hop is positive and it can bring change in various aspects of lives in our society,” he said.

“In time when many acts weren’t quite clear on continuing the real tradition of Hip Hop in The Gambia, Poetic Xtremez, a three-man army ‘emcees’, went against all to prove to the world that Hip Hop can be a tool to bring about change in the communities and serve as job creation for the youthful population,” according to Sanna Kanteh, president of Hip Hop Headz.

He said they organize charity concerts for Elementary Schools and all proceeds are given to schools and their songs mainly centered on burning issues affecting the people, especially the youth among others.

According to him, they are one of the most respected ‘emcees’ and have earned their stripes in the Hip Hop community as well as gain the confidence of the music lovers.

He added that the music scene in The Gambia witnessed a turning point when their most anticipated debut album “Yon Beh Gudone” was released in June 2011.

 He explains that their most talked-about promo songs in the album are “Sunu Dekala”, which talks about corruption, nepotism, deforestation among other issues dragging the country backward, and “Black Woman”, a popular song which reaffirms black Africans’ sense of pride buzzing the populace.


It all started back in 2000, when Ayo, PMS and BMG came together as brothers in Hip Hop and formed Poetic Xtremez with the mission statement of making the voice of the young people heard as la crème dela crème.

After sometimes BMG quit rapping and they decided to join forces with another influential hardcore rap group widely known as Pepper House Crew to build a solid squad of “rhymes” called ‘Da Bulldoff Army’.

Sensitive and Big U later joined the Army followed by the invitation of the prolific freestyle battle rapper known as Bilal Bin Kebba, who in 2004 was a solo artiste after leaving ‘Yeteh J’.

In early 2005, they dropped a promotional song called ‘Wulajanjara’ featuring Afro Manding sensation Sambou Susso.

The video gave a vivid story about forced and arranged marriages that exist among tribes who don’t entertain their children to marry people from other tribes.

The three ‘emcees’ garnered critical acclaim ‘Wulajanjara’ gained tons of air-play on the local TV and radio stations in The Gambia and Senegal. From then onwards they continued to drop public demand songs.

In late 2005, Poetic X resigned from Da Bulldoff Army but continued working with MJ, Bulldoff’s producer.

When MJ passed away, Poetic X took a two-year break to concentrate on their individual works.

In 2008, they came back to feed the public’s addiction of good hip hop music and also took part in the first Senegambian Hip Hop compilation, DK/BLJ produced by Artistik.

Its promotional single ‘Buga Dem’(about illegal migration) done by Poetic X featuring Sir X, Big Ams and Flex Man.

After the DK/BJL compilation, Poetic X signed a deal with Artistik Music to co-produce their debut album entitled ‘Yon Beh Gudone’.

Nun ak Yen Promotion based in Dakar, Senegal, showed demanded one of their songs ‘Building Tha Streetz to be on their compilation which features artistes from many African countries.

They represented Gambia at the 7th edition of the African festival of urban cultures FESTA2H annually held in Dakar, Senegal, in 2012.

They participated in the Futa Kodo Festival held at Futa, Senegal.

Poetic X is co-founders of Hip Hop Headz, a Hip Hop movement which involves artistes’ promoters, music journalists, producers and fans in the movement.

In 2014, he released a mix tape entitled ‘Lu Jot Yomba’, which is comprised of fifteen tracks.