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Rongo cross-examined

Apr 15, 2013, 10:50 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

The criminal trial involving Momodou Lamin Jarju, alias Rongo, and his father, Alhagie Lamin Jarju, recently continued before Magistrate Babucarr Secka of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

It continued with the cross-examination of defence witness one (DW1), Momodou Lamin Jarju.

Under cross-examination, Rongo told the court he is 43-year-old and was born at Banjulinding Village.

He also said the 2nd accused person was about 100 years old, according to record.

In his testimony, Rongo said the 1st Alkalo of Banjulinding Village was Landing Kotoring Janneh, (now deceased), but “being the 1st Alkalo of the Village does not mean he was the founder of the village”.

Rongo further explained that the 2nd accused his father is a founder of the village.

The witness under cross-examination told the court his parents were the 1st to establish their residence and farmland well before the arrival of Landing Kotoring Janneh.

He told the court that after the demise of Landing Kotoring Janneh, he was succeeded by Malamin Janneh, adding that his parents have documents to this very land since the colonial days, and well before the arrival of Eric Tunde Janneh.

Still testifying under cross-examination, Rongo told the court that Eric Tundeh Janneh arrived after the demise of his father in 1993, and he joined the community of Banjulinding.

Some of the documents tendered in court were with the 2nd accused, who was born in Makumbaya, and spent some time with his father, Babanding Jarju, who was an auxiliary to RAF, he said.

Rongo added that all what he had told the court was the truth.

At that juncture, the case was adjourned till 8 May 2013.