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Pipeline Mosque Foundation gives Tobaski meat to prisoners, others

Oct 2, 2015, 11:44 AM

Pipeline Mosque Foundation has supported Muslims, including those in prisons at Mile 2, with meat during the celebrations of the Eidul-Adha, locally known as Tobaski.

The foundation on 23 September 2015, a day before the Eid, donated a bull to Mile 2 Central Prison in Banjul.

On 26 September 2015, the foundation also slaughtered two bulls and distributed the meat in the community.

Baboucarr Dandeh Njie, secretary general to the Welfare and Protocol Committee of the foundation, said the donation was a demonstration of the generosity of the mosque foundation.

Speaking on behalf of the foundation’s chairman, Alhaji Mam Sait Njie, who was away to perform the pilgrimage in Mecca, Mr Dandeh Njie said the donation was also in fulfillment of the foundation’s religious obligation to the Almighty by supporting the community.

The secretary general to the Welfare and Protocol Committee noted that the foundation has been doing such gestures “for a number of years now”.