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Persons with disabilities

Jul 6, 2012, 12:24 PM

Persons with disabilities in The Gambia have for long been calling for more social inclusion in national development.

Nonetheless, it seems they still have a long way to go, if the recent remarks made by the new chairperson of the Gambia Federation of the Disables (GFD) are anything to go by.

We therefore call on the GFD and their partners to intensify the campaign and advocacy efforts, so as to raise awareness and increase knowledge on disability issues in The Gambia.

Such a move will help persons with disabilities to actively participate in the national development process.

There is, no doubt, a need for more special schools to be built with the required resources, to ensure that every disabled child receives the quality education he or she deserves.

There is also a need to curtail negative attitudes towards these people, and to enhance participation of people living with disabilities in Gambian society.

 The National Assembly members have a big stake in addressing the plight of persons with disabilities, by enacting laws that protect them and encourage their effective participation in nation-building.

The issues affecting disabled people must be taken on board, and we must support them in creating a conducive framework for people living with disabilities in The Gambia.

We finally call on the NGOs, donors and philanthropists to support the disabled persons’ federation so that they can attain their objectives.