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PAP Second Ordinary Session ends

Apr 22, 2010, 12:46 PM

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) on Wednesday concluded its Second Ordinary Session of the Second Parliament, which began on April 12, with a call from the President, Hon. Dr. Moussa Idriss Ndélé for "all Parliamentarians to unite behind South Africa, the organiser of the Soccer World Cup and host country of this Institution (PAP)."

Hon. Ndélé also said "this event will prove to be a special and unique opportunity for our continent, to show the whole world that we too, are able to take up the challenge of not only organising such an event, but also participating in it."

He added that "the skills of our qualifying national teams and the performance of our footballers in the best championship matches, allows us to look forward to a placing that's more than respectable in this global competition."

Earlier, the session saw the appointment of a new Clerk and Deputy Clerk of Parliament from South Africa and Zimbabwe, respectively.

The session also debated on a number of issues affecting the continent, including peace and security, labour and human rights, among others.

The next Ordinary Session is expected to take place in October 2010.