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Paedophile Case Continues

Oct 27, 2008, 5:50 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba

The paedophile case involving Anthony Michael Dobson, a Norwegian national and his Gambian accomplice, Mustapha Drammeh, continued at the Brikama Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Johnny Njie.

Continuing his testimony, the 1st accused Anthony Michael Dobson told the court that the house in N0 69 in Yarambamba belonged to one lady who had already travelled to the UK. He further stated that he remembered PW1 but denied that PW1 ever went to No. 69 at Yarambamba, as claimed. He also denied forcing PW1 to the ground to have sexual intercourse with her.

Mr Dobson further stated that he was not a tourist in The Gambia and that he had the right to stay in the country. He added that he had been staying in The Gambia for the past six years.

He also vehemently denied that the 2nd accused Mustapha Drammeh ever procured any girl for him to have sexual intercourse with. He equally denied the assertion by PW1 that she went to his residence three times but did not meet him. He also denied owning the laptop in question and pushing PW1 out of his room.

Also testifying, the 2nd accused told the court that he had known the 1st accused for almost six years. He said he also knew PW1 and the first time he saw her was when he went to repair a generator at Sanchu Alagie. He vehemently denied procuring any girl for the 1st accused to have sexual intercourse with.