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P2RS trainees speak out, say their skills have been upgraded

Dec 8, 2016, 12:04 PM

Rural women and youth participants have praised and thanked the project dubbed ‘Building Resilience against Food Insecurity in the Sahel (P2RS)’ for organising training programmes on business planning and management of income generating activities in their respective regions.

The P2RS trainings were conducted in Upper River, Central River and Lower River regions for rural women and youth to upgrade their skills on entrepreneurship, including business planning writing.

The three-phase training ended at Jenoi, Lower River Region, where participants from NBR and LRR gathered to improve their skills.

Kawsu Sonko, a member of Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia Chapter (GYIN Gambia NBR), described the training as very educative and instrumental, saying he learnt a lot of skills beneficial to him as a young entrepreneur.

According to Sonko, the training has also availed him the opportunity to network with other youth thereby growing his business scope.

Aminata Saho, a GYINer from LRR, said the training would boost her skills in business, adding that attending such training added great input in her life as a young entrepreneur.

Tamba Jammeh from NBR explained that the practical part of the training will make him not forget what he learnt during the course.

He thanked the P2RS team, particularly Ousman Sonko, the lead trainer, saying Ousman was someone who has vast experience in teaching the young ones.

Musa Bah, a participant from Wassu, CRR north, said he has developed a marketable business plan, thanks to the training.

He said with the knowledge gained from the training, he would now be able to train other rural women and youth on writing business plan for their petty trading.

Mam S. Danso hailed the P2RS project saying that as a youth, these are the kinds of opportunities they rely on to build their skills to become successful entrepreneurs.

She called for the continuity of such kind of trainings.

Amadou Baldeh, a resident of Basse Mansajang Kunda, said: “This training on business planning and management of income generating activities has given me the tools I need to help, grow and properly manage our farming business.”

At the end of the training, he acknowledged the importance of writing a good business plan, and how it – good business plan – can help him access finance to invest in modern farming equipment and techniques to increase his farming production.

Ajuwah Goode, also a resident of Basse, said the training has given her the tools and knowledge she needed to set up her new business.

“I now know the importance of writing a good business plan, and how to use my business plan to manage my business,” she said enthusiastically.