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Over 40 staff train on different beauty areas

Jul 16, 2010, 2:16 PM

Almost 40 staff from Spar-Wellness Golden Hands in Senegambia Beach Hotel recently concluded  a two-week intensive training on different beauty areas such as unisex fashion, massages, manicure and pedicure. The training session, from 24th June to 10th July, was for managers, supervisors, financial controllers and so on. The training also touches on management, hyphen as well as customer care.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Monday, Ms Janny Berends-Beeuwkes a beauty consultant and senior expert PUM Netherlands said her mission in The Gambia is to give a two-week intensive training in different areas. According to her. she came to the Gambia through a contact facilitated by the management of Spar-Wellness Golden Hands and the PUM Netherlands Senior Experts through the government in Holland. She went on to explain that with the help of the government in Holland, European Union and the Employers Federation, PUM Netherlands Senior Experts are sponsored. Ms Janny Berends added that PUM Netherlands sends out experts in different fields. PUM Netherlands have the idea of helping people, not only in The Gambia, but all over the world. They have over 4000 experts in different fields, and all these experts work as volunteers. Ms Janny Berends comes from a beautiful area in Holland, and has her own company. "I am here as a volunteer," she announced, adding that most of the people need to have training, but the financial support is not there. "So with my knowledge in management, marketing sales, etc., I need to help. I am a person who wants to share my experience with people, she added.

Ms Janny Berends in conclusion thanked Kebba Dem and his management for their hospitality, adding that this training is important for the staff. She, therefore, called on the trainees to put the good use of the training, promising that those who come with good marks will be certificated.

Mr. Dem, Managing Director of Spar-Wellness Golden Hands, thanked PUM Netherlands Senior Experts through Ms Janny Berends for training his staff in different areas of their work. Mr Dem noted that this training was part of contributing to national development. "This training is very important for my staff," he said, adding that after Ms Janny leaves, the knowledge she impacted on his staff will be implemented. He, therefore, thanked his staff for proving themselves during the training course.