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Over 2OO tourists arrive in Banjul

Oct 31, 2011, 1:02 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Two hundred and eleven tourists on Thursday arrived at the Banjul International Airport to enjoy the tourism offers of the Smiling Coast of Africa.

Brought in by the Thomas Scandinavian flight, the tourists met at the airport the warm and amiable welcome of the Minister of Tourism and Culture and senior officials of the Gambia Tourism Board.

Speaking to journalists shortly after their arrival, the Minister of Tourism and Culture, Fatou Mas Jobe-Njie, said the arrival of the first flight is a good move in a “well promising” season.

She reiterated that her ministry would continue to work closely with hoteliers and the Ministry of Works and Communication, adding that she has got assurance from the Ministry of Works “there will be no problem at the airport”.

Madam Jobe-Njie noted that the checking at the airport might have to be reduced because the number if tourist arrivals is too large.

“My colleagues at the Ministry of Works have assured me that the airport is going to change,” she said.

According to the tourism minister, the Condor flight, which is the next flight of arrivals, is expected on 2 November.

The Condor and some other airlines would be bringing in Danish tourists to the country this season.

Madam Jobe-Njie also thanked the Almighty Allah for making this to happen.

She said further that the Gambian leader is the number one tourism promoter in the country.

 “I also thank the Gambia government for being supportive by providing incentives to the airlines as well as to the tour operators to promote the Gambian destination,” she said. “We have other flights coming from the UK; they have increased their capacity about 44,000 for this season.”

The minister also informed journalists that they have increased the flights coming in from two to three flights from other countries in Holland.

“We are informing you that Farm Air flight for November, December and January the flight is fully booked,” she disclosed, adding that the Condor flight has been coming to The Gambia for the past two years.

 “We have been exposing the Gambia at any given opportunity,” she said.

Charbel Hobeika, manager of Gambia Tours, said the bookings are coming on daily basis.

He said they are working hand in hand with the hotels and tour operators to create good offers and packages that will attract their customers.

He added that with Scandinavians there will be one flight per week.

“In December there will be a flight from Finland, which will go all the way to February,” he disclosed.

“There will be two flights from Scandinavia from December to February; then it would go back to one flight from February to April.

The English will have a flight every day.”