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Opposition stronghold renews loyalty to UDP

Nov 21, 2011, 1:20 PM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah on tour

The electorate in Sami constituency, an opposition stronghold in the Central River Region, have renewed their loyalty to the opposition United Democratic Party (UDP), promising its leadership of a landslide victory in the presidential election due this Thursday 24th November.

At one time a ruling APRC party stronghold, Sami constituency in the 2007 parliamentary election voted in Hon. Lamin Ceesay of the United Democratic Party, as their National Assembly.

This assurance was made to the UDP leadership at a political rally held in the village of Sami Wollof, Kaur Janneh Kunda and Niani Sukuta, where the UDP entourage received a rousing welcome.

Speaker after speaker assured the UDP leader that, come 24th November, the UDP will emerge victorious as they will vote massively for the party.

Ousainou Darboe, 63, leader of the United Democratic Party, who has lost to Jammeh on three occasions, told the meeting that there will be change and a new democratic government will emerge in the country, come 24th November.

“I have heard various speakers, all assuring me of victory. You the people of Sami have promised me that you will build the future of your country by voting for a UDP government,” he said, while commending the people of the constituency for their bravery, despite “being isolated by the Jammeh administration.”

Noting that their isolation will be victory for them, Darboe told the people of Sami that unlike the APRC, a UDP government will develop the whole country, irrespective of party affiliation or tribe.

He told the gathering of mainly youths and elders that, if elected, he will provide Gambians with development initiatives that will enhance and improve their living standard.

“People are tired, and are crying on a daily basis over the poor living conditions, including housing and feeding problems in this country,” Darboe told the cheering crowd.

Also addressing the opposition supporters was Mai Fatty, party leader and founder of the opposition Gambia Moral Congress, which is in alliance with the UDP.

Fatty said he has chosen Ousainou Darboe to lead The Gambia because of his vision and mission for the country.

“I have decided to form an alliance with my brother and colleague Darboe, who has the future of this country at heart, and wants to liberate his people from falling in the wrong hands,” Fatty said.

Describing Darboe as a man of dignity who can rule this country, the GMC leader explained that his aim in joining forces with the UDP was to take part in the struggle to change for the better the living standard of Gambians under the APRC regime, as well as participate in the democratization and development process of The Gambia.

“We are not here for campaigning, but rather to tell Gambians the real truth, especially the youths and women who are mostly lured by the APRC’s 17 years of misrule,” Fatty told supporters.

Mai Fatty, who left The Gambia five years back, but returned home last week, also reminded the people that power belongs to them, and that they must have a say in the way and manner in which the country is governed.

“Your power is your vote; so vote for someone who can rule this country and improve your living conditions and lift you out of poverty. Darboe is the candidate to rule The Gambia well, because we know Gambians like him as manifested by the rousing welcome you have accorded us,” he added.

According to him, the UDP, GMC, PPP and NCP alliance will work towards eliminating the “indebtedness” of the Gambian economy, as well as invest in sustainable development activities.

Hawa Ceesay, a UDP supporter in Sami, assured the UDP of their unwavering support and loyalty.

Alagie Janko, UDP party chairman, and Omar Halima, told the UDP leadership that Sami will remain a no go area for the ruling APRC party.

Dudou Kassa Jatta, youth leader of the UDP and long-time critic of the Jammeh administration said, come 24th November, Gambians will vote incumbent President Yahya Jammeh out of office.