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Opinion: People and development

Jun 6, 2013, 9:41 AM | Article By: Dr Seedy Drammeh

This article has helped me to crush my academic loneliness, not being a full-time intellectual who provides plenty of benefits, such as to contribute in writing and avoidance of being portrayed as a sluggish person in the process. I had a series of discussions with friends in the same business and good thinkers around me, and thanks to their reasonable contributions that I am able to make a positive move on some of the issues regarding people and development.

I have a strong conviction that individuals, countries and organisations all wish to achieve success through rapid development. However, people need to understand that development can only happen through hard work, mutual participation and dedication to duties. It is important to know that the world has changed impressively since more people are acquiring quality education.

If you take a good look around, you will realise that the World of work is changing, modern employees’ rules and better human capital management and because of this changing trend in managing people that countries and organizations that wish to develop faster are expected to understand what talent management is all about. The process of talent management requires the identification of people/staff with high potential that are capable to be groomed as possible successors.

The world would be a better place to live if everyone accepts the fact that we have transitioned from complete ignorant Age into information / idea generation and Knowledge Worker Age with all its serious consequences. But despite this advancement life continues to be more difficult, more challenging and more demanding. People still face obstacles and impediments in their lives, their families and in their various organisations. It is worth knowing that these problems are not only of a new order of magnitude but they are different in kind.

People have to understand that if we want to achieve something greater in life, we have to work hard and be willing to provide support to each other. Some people have the belief that life is a game, a race or a competition that one has to win. In reality, many of us view schoolmates, co-workers and to some extent our family members as competitors- with the thinking that the more they win, the less opportunity we have.

It is obvious that most people try to appear kind and smile for others’ success, but the reality is that so many of us are eating our hearts when others achieve something.

For development to happen, everyone needs to have the same positive thinking and be in the position to provide support to others. People need to know that, education is all about mind preparation, and quality education can only benefit a particular society, if its people are prepared to work together.