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OPINION: “Congratulatory Letter” To Hon Halifa Sallah

Feb 27, 2017, 11:19 AM

I am completely delighted to send you my congratulations on your Honourable new rank as the Governance Advisor, which I believe is the most suitable position for you in the new Government. And in terms of honour and respect, it is the highest. So help you GOD!

Then on behalf of the entire larger extended Conteh family of Kaur Janneh Kunda, and their others in Bundung, London Corner, Kotu, Kanifing Estate, Bijilo, and then on behalf of all the rest, and on my own behalf, I am please sending our collective warmest greeting to your President, H.E Mr. Adama Barrow and his government and his (two) charming, First Ladies and the last but not the least, to your own big Lady, Mrs Sallah.

Now on the general development agenda of the new Government, if I were to cry-out for mitigation in the middle of the inauguration crowd for both the general public and the new government to hear me loudly crying out for my other fellow rural Gambians and not directly for myself, I would be saying: ROADS first! ROADS first! ROADS first! Because to what I can see as the first and urgent need for today’s Gambia general development agenda, some of the dilapidated main roads and the other feeders mainly in the rural areas should over top all other immediate priorities in regards to urgency.

The cry out would only mean better Gambia for all, but for me myself, I am not that much directly affected by any of the main and feeder roads in question. Anyway, I know that all these roads have been and still in an unbearable condition for a long time now, and the main users have been suffering from every day ‘to and fro’ hardship of their places. Please, Honourable seek their immediate rescue from your President. I think there is no need to tell the Government ofTthe Gambia where and where are quite badly affected.

Once more, congratulations! 

Bakary Dembo M.S. Conteh