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OPINION: Congratulations to H.E. President Adama Barrow

Feb 27, 2017, 11:30 AM | Article By: Ansumana Marenah commonly known as Julakey


I humbly seize this rare opportunity to extend to you on behalf of the Business Community of the West Coast Region and on my own behalf my profound felicitations on your resounding election victory of the December 1st, 2016 Presidential elections, which was free, fair and credible by any standard.

I also wish to recognize and applaud the exemplary maturity, sincerity and similar leadership qualities you have manifested during the brief political impasse which was orchestrated by the selfish and disgraceful former dictator to plunge peaceful Gambia into a civil war which has the potential to destabilize not only The Gambia but the entire sub region. But thanks largely to your demeanor and an abiding faith in democracy, peace and transparency, the ugly situation was resolved amicably without a drop of blood.

Your Excellency Sir, My name is Ansumana Marenah commonly known as Julakey, a businessman residing in Brikama Town, West Coast Region. I am also the Councillor appointed by the Governor with approval from the Minister of Local Governments, Lands & Regional Administration for the past five years. The Business Community in the West Coast Region is diverse and includes contractors in constructions, miming, engineering, consultancy, supply, traders, bakers, carpenters, welders, artisans, etc, whose daily activities are geared towards ensuring that there is enough genuine products and services required to sustain the demand of an ever increasing population. My role is mainly to negotiate between producers and consumers to agree on better terms of business and seek the support of the local council, the Chamber of Commerce and the government to attract and generate understanding among the different players in the business environment. I also advocate for a robust economic engagement to flourish and work to ensure that staple commodities are available and affordable to consumers and to create employment opportunities for the youth.

Your Excellency Sir, the purpose of this letter is to express to you unwavering support trust and your leadership and the commitment of the unalloyed political support to the coalition by the entire Business Community of the West Coast Region. I also wish to raise the concern of the business community regarding the total neglect and indifference that we suffered under the former regime that award major contracts to mostly foreigners at the detriment of the competent Gambians contractors. We therefore wish to appeal to your government to create opportunities for our businesses to thrive by recognizing our ability and competence in nation building. We further wish to appeal to you to strengthen the Gambia Chamber of Commerce & Industries whose mandate is to promote business ventures and protect the interest of small and medium enterprises against monopolistic hegemony as well as interference and domination from further afield. As a Board member for GCCI for seven years (2008-2014), i can attest to the fact that the previous government discourages local enterprises and drive them from the market.

Your Excellency Sir, it is no gainsaying that the need for closed collaboration between the government and the business community cannot to be over-emphasised because while government formulate and implement policies to boost economic growth, it is the business community that translate those lofty  programs by connecting  demand to  supply.

Your Excellency Sir, the West Coast people’s support for the coalition has been amply demonstrated in the last presidential elections with massive majorities in most of our constituencies. Let me assure you that we are prepared to deliver a knockout blow to any party opposing the Coalition. Therefore victory for all the coalition candidates in the coming parliamentary elections is a foregone conclusion. The Business Community has been actively behind the elaborate sensitizations, canvassing and sponsorship for the coalition and we promised to carry on the momentum.

Finally, Your Excellency, I wish to once again reiterate our loyalty to your supreme vision for the Gambia and we pray for Allah’s grace and blessing for your continued good health and prosperity. OUR MOTTOIS: MORE BUSINESS IN GOVERNMENT.

Author: Ansumana Marenah commonly known as Julakey