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Appeal for forgiveness

Nov 8, 2011, 11:57 AM

We are using this great period of Toabski to call for forgiveness among all Gambians and non-Gambians residing in the country.

Muslims all over the world, including The Gambia, have just celebrated the feast of Eid-ul-Adha commonly known as Tobaski.

The highlights of the feast are congregational prayers, the slaughtering of rams, and the traditional Salibo (collection of gifts), especially by children from the neighbourhood.

It is a moment that we should capitalize on to forgive each other, forget about the past and do well towards each other.

It is not easy to forgive, but this is very rewarding and essential in the maintenance of peace and stability.

We also want to applaud all those individuals and institutions that helped the less privileged with Tobaski rams, just for the sake of Allah’s blessing and nothing else.

We should use this period to purify ourselves and gain more blessings from God.

We have said in this and other columns that everlasting peace and stability can only be assured if we treat each other well, forgive one another and wish each other well.

It is in this spirit that we ask every Gambian and people living in The Gambia to use the occasion to forgive each other.

We have no doubt that Gambians by virtue of their close-knit society will forgive and forget whatever wrongs they might have committed, in the interest of unity, progress and prosperity of our dear motherland.

From village to the family level, and then to the work-places, there is the tendency to unknowingly step on each other’s toes, and thus the need to forgive each other.

This brings to mind the fundamental lessons taught by the feast - forgiveness of each other.