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Opening of Schools: What It Really Means

Sep 7, 2009, 7:00 AM

Schools in The Gambia will start opening today especially Region Six. Other regions will soon follow suit.

One thing that is important for students, teachers and parents to understand is the literal meaning of the word opening.

Opening of schools really means a lot, particularly for the parents, guardians and sponsors.

The opening of schools came at the time when people prepare for Koriteh. During this period, parents are faced with many financial commitments, such as Koriteh feast when parents buy new clothes for children.

This is also the time of the year when students look for transfer from one school to another.

To this end, they are expected to buy new uniforms, books and other learning materials.

For most students, school fees are the most difficult thing to acquire, as often most parents find it very tough at the opening of schools, considering the huge financial commitments. For such parents, it is always nightmarish to meet certain cost at this time of the year.

One thing that is important is that, in as much as you want to see your children put on new clothes during the Koriteh feast, it's also imperative to note that their education is also important, if not more.

We firmly believe that at this moment, priority should be given to education first before one would think of Koriteh clothes.

For students who are benefiting from scholarships, you must count yourself lucky. You should work hard at school by taking your learning seriously.

Students whose school fees are being paid by their poor parents must even strive much harder. You must know that your parents have refused their entire family the money and spend it in your education. You will not be fair to the rest of the family if you fail in your responsibility to succeed in your schooling.

For those who failed in their promotional exams, you must know that repeating your class is the best thing to do. This will better prepare you for the next academic year.

 Students moving to new schools should try to avoid moving with bad peers as this can land them into trouble. Always be mindful of new friends before you fall into a treacherous trap. Always move with good friends and never copy their bad behaviours. Dress well while in school.

To break record in your new schools, participate in all extracurricular activities, particularly sports as this is good for your health and well-being.

Finally, always respect your teachers and let teachers also treat their students (both boys and girls) equally.

We wish every child a successful academic year!-