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Mar 10, 2017, 11:03 AM

I wish to bring to the knowledge of the authorities concerned that the attitude and behaviour of some of our friends and brother mechanics towards the travelling public.

From my personal encounters and experiences and those of others seen and heard, mechanics in their workshop clothes soaked with dirty oil, grease and filth, at times dirty other travellers’ clothes to their utmost displeasure and embarrassment.

In most cases, the best sign of remorse upon complaint from the victim is: “I am sorry” and it dies a natural death.

I would like to implore this from the authorities concerned, whether it is allowed to do that or not as in other places?

I believe it will serve the entire travelling public’s best interest if mechanics are advised against this practice or are banned from using public transport in workshop clothes, so as to put this menace to a stop.

I hope this concern if heeded to may yield a deserving dividend.

Yours faithfully,

A concern citizen