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ONBE National Chairman speaks on illegal migration

Nov 11, 2014, 10:02 AM

Hello and a warm welcome to another exciting edition of the weekly Youth Forum.

In today’s edition, we bring an interview with Operation No-Back-Way to Europe’s National Chairman Bubaccar Jabbi,a youngdynamic and promising Gambianpersonality whose passion, dedication and hard work in the cause and serviceof discouraging youths from illegal migration is well known.

Jabbi is also an advocate of youth participation and youth empowerment through active participation in decision-making processes to succeed.

Bubaccar Jabbi is a young social crusader, a youth activist, who is currently serving as a member of the Youths Advisory Board for The Gambia.

The Operation No-Back-Way to Europe chairman and youth activist stated that “emancipation comes through struggle”, while revealing his organization’s plans to change the life of young people in the continent, as well as discouraging youths from sailing through the back way to Europe.

He gave an account of his organization’s activities and programmes, explaining that Operation No Back Way to Europe is an institution which tasked itself to combat illegal migration across the country.

He said ONBE came to existence on 8 August 2008. Since then the institution, despite the challenges being faced in delivering on their national duty, were able to register some remarkable successes.

To mention a few, creating employment opportunities and skills training, as well as encouraging youths to engage in farming, Jabbi said.

As a body, they have tasked themselves to be dedicated to youth work and youth development training.

“We need support from the government and NGOs that are interested in the area of illegal migration, as we all know the government alone cannot do it all.

“We are working with all government agencies, including youth groups in the area of illegal migration; as this is everybody’s business as it is affecting young people of The Gambia who are the cream of the society tomorrow,” he said.

“I am urging all Gambian to put hands on deck to fight against the back way syndrome, which is creating more havoc on youths,” he said.

“I have tried so many times through the back way in both Morocco and Mauritanian, but unfortunately I have not succeeded. I had wasted all the monies I had, yet cannot get to Europe,” Mr Jabbi stated.

He said he later decided to forget the issue of getting into Europe the back way, and to focus on sensitization of youths on the dangerous trend to get to Europe.