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Ocean Bay Hotel again at Industrial Tribunal

Jan 16, 2012, 12:31 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Fanta Sanneh is the third person to drag Ocean Bay Hotel to the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal, claiming D539, 330 for wrongful termination.

According to her particulars of claim, she was employed as a Room Attendant at Ocean Bay Hotel for 7 years.

She stated in her claim that a guest complained that he left his money in a safe.

She further claimed that the chief security officer, Sampierre Ndekey, asked the guest if the safe was locked, and the guest answered in the positive.

Fanta Sanneh further claimed that the General Manager, Mr Gibser, called a meeting with the housekeeping staff, and said that he had received five theft cases and the person doing it should stop it.

She went on to claim that the General Manager said that he denied the theft case in Room 524, because he did not employ James Bond who is an expert in opening any safe, and did not either employ thieves in the hotel.

She said in her claim that after some months, Mr Ebrima Jarju, Executive Housekeeper, redeployed her from 500 Block to 400 Block.

The plaintiff claimed that Mr Jarju again after a long duration called her to his office while she was cleaning a room, because there was a guest who was departing, adding that Jarju told her that the management said that they did not want to see her in the rooms, especially rooms that were occupied by guests, because they did not trust her and that she should go upstairs for ironing, which was an inferior position.

Fanta Sanneh further claimed that she told Mr Jarju that there were some theft cases which were proved by the General Manager, and the culprits were not issued with letters, but she was the only one given a letter.

She further stated that Mr Jarju told her that he knew nothing about that.

The plaintiff further claimed that she refused to sign the letter issued to her, because she did not want to be moved to do ironing, stating that she was employed as a Room Attendant.

She added that she was convinced by Mr Bayo to sign the said letter, because the transfer was temporary.

The plaintiff claimed that she was then called by the management to a meeting, but there were some interruptions, adding that the General Manager asked whether since the transfer of the plaintiff, there were still theft cases and, in response, Mr Jarju answered in the negative, while in fact there were still theft cases after the plaintiff was transferred.

Fanta Sanneh further stated that two warning letters were issued to her, and she was subsequently forced to go to the laundry section against her wish, as she was employed as a Room Attendant.

She said she was finally issued with a termination letter, stating that the matter was then reported to the Labour Department for intervention.

Fanta Sanneh told the tribunal that after the Labour Department failed to resolve the matter, she was advised to resort to the Industrial Tribunal for redress.

Ebrima Garba Cham, Secretary General of the Gambia Workers’ Union, represented the plaintiff.

Lawyer Anna Njie stood in for the defendant.