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NSC Executive Secretary Commends Kungfu Association

Nov 11, 2009, 1:20 PM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

(Tuesday, 10th November 2009 Issue)

Alieu Y. Cham, the Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council commended Kungfu Association of The Gambia for what he described as the association's tireless effort in ensuring that Kungfu establishes itself as one of the leading sports in the country.

"One of the objectives of National Sports Council is to see to it that all sports are developed and keenly competed with other leading sports in the country because we are looking for variety and Kungfu I believe is in the right direction and it is a very healthy sport that helps the body and the mind to carry on with daily activities which is so important in every aspects of life," Alieu Cham said.

Cham who went further to speak about  NSC's ambition to expand all areas of sporting added "it is good for one to keep fit at all times, and Kungfu is one of those sports that can help one to keep fit healthy."

He urged the Gambia Kungfu Association not to relent in their efforts to open as many Kungfu clubs as possible, given the fact that sport is one endeavour that every Gambian is enthusiastic about.

The Executive Secretary further went on to thank the people of Mandinary for their massive support towards the successful opening of Tang-Lang Kungfu Club in the village. He urged them to continue taking up their responsibility in order to realise their aspirations.

The President of the Gambia Kungfu Association, Alhaji Lang Ceesay also commended the people of Mandinary
for positively responding to their calls, despite a short notice.

He further thanked the Alkalo of the village for giving them the go-ahead to form Kungfu Club in the village.
He expressed hope that the association would realise its objectives.

The President also took time to advise people not to underrate Kungfu, given the fact that it can encourage discipline of the mind, among others.