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Nothing is for free!

Jan 18, 2013, 11:05 AM

There is a wide concept among many people in the country that public facilities and services are free, thus access to them can be taken for granted.

This belief should be out of the thinking of people since, there is no completely free service at all.

Our argument is that whatever facility is being provided in the society has to be billed by someone.

This means those facilities such as electricity in our offices; public taps, street lights, among others, are paid for by either the people themselves through the taxes they pay to government or by donors.

The responsibility for the end users and beneficiaries of these and many other public facilities, therefore, is to ensure that they take good care of the facilities.

It must be made clear to all service consumers that nothing is for free, and that means anything that one possesses has to be taken care of by someone, somewhere.

It reminds us all of the need to change our attitudes to public property as they have been provided through public resources.

People must avoid misusing public property with the notion that they are free, and those who abuse such facilities should also be reported to the police.

It requires the concerted efforts of all and sundry to protect and safeguard our public facilities and resources, for our common good.