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Norwegian National Gets 1 Year Jail Term

Mar 20, 2009, 6:42 AM | Article By: Binta Fatty & Yai Dibba

Brikama Magistrates' court presided over by Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh yesterday convicted Anthony Michael Dobson, a Norwegian national who was earlier charged with two counts of defilement and child pornography.

The convict was sentenced to a one-year mandatory jail term on count II but was discharged on count I.

Magistrate Jammeh delivering the verdict told the court, "the complainant here is a compulsive liar whose appearances are very deceptive."

According to the court, the girl's facial looks depict her as an innocent angelic girl but behind that masquerade is a girl very much accustomed to this pleasurable demand of sex. It is unfortunate, for she has in the figure of a child mustered the attributes for a woman.

As for the first accused, Anthony Michael Dobson, in the name of falling for her beauty has acted irresponsibly.

The magistrate stated, "It is said that when you go to Rome do as the Romans do.

The act of taking photographs of naked women, more so children, is an affront to our customs and traditions as a nation. It is therefore tantamount to an abominable act that is intolerable and unforgivable.

Therefore having convicted you of the offence of child pornography contrary to section 8 (1) of the Tourism offence Act 2003. I hereby sentence you to one-year imprisonment."

It could be recalled that on or about the month of July and August 2008, the accused was charged with defilement and child pornography, which he denied.

The accomplice was acquitted and discharged.