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Njawara Marathon set for December 27th

Oct 29, 2014, 10:28 AM

The 18th edition of the Annual Njawara Road Race is slated for 27th December 2014 under the theme: “RUN AGAINST EBOLA”.

According to the organisers of the 20th anniversary of Njawara Marathon, it will center on Community Sensitization and the Awareness Campaign on the Deadly Ebola Virus.

The Run against EBOLA Campaign will serve as an important and relevant awareness activity, and will extend for a year’s period across the North Bank Region of The Gambia, added a news release made available to Pointsports.

The project duration is intended to start on 27th December 2014, and the project will continue to sensitize youths and women’s CBOs, and secondary school students on Ebola, its signs and symptoms, and its prevention measures like improved sanitation and hand-washing with soap, reporting any suspected case as soon as possible, as well as handling with dead bodies.

The project will avail the target groups with first-hand information on Ebola, the release added; it will also engage the chiefs and alkalolus of the region under the auspices of the Governor.

Participating athletes will lead the massive campaign, it further said.

Information will be given to the community via powerpoint presentations, audio and video presentations, open discussions, and encouraging question and answer sessions.

Njawara Marathon will provide the logistics for all fora, and all sessions will be facilitated by qualified health personnel, according to the organisers.

“Ebola is on the move across West Africa, and it should be everybody’s business. Njawara Marathon will not be left behind in the fight for #Ebola Free Gambia, and # Ebola Free World since it’s not only a threat to health, but also food security and increase poverty,” the release said.

It invited all to the Campaign, #Run Against Ebola, #20 years Of Running!!