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NIA will have a new name, says Barrow

Jan 30, 2017, 11:34 AM | Article By: Kaddijatou Jawo

President Adama Barrow has told journalists that the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) will have a new name, and agents will be trained to become professionals.

President Barrow made this remark at a press conference on Saturday at his residence in Brufut Heights.

He added that NIA staff would continue to work, but their work would completely differ from the NIA they used to know.

They will be well-trained to be able to do their work perfectly in line with the laws of the land, he said.

President Barrow added that the youths are his ‘foot soldiers’, adding: “They will have a say in the new government because of their contribution to the past election.”

He said he would make sure they participate greatly in the parliamentary election, come April this year.

In that way, he added, they could contribute immensely to the socio-economic development of the country.

“We won the election on democratic principles, and we want to make sure we continue on that line; and there will be a complete reform of all democratic processes in the country. The field will be levelled for everybody, and all the people will unite and the new government is ready to work in that line,” he said.

He said further there will be a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, and that commission will be mandated to look at every avenue and make a report, he said, adding that based on that report there will be recommendations, which should be respected.

“Gambians will occupy the Judiciary sector, and if there is need for technical assistance from outside, that decision will surely be welcomed,” President Barrow said.

The president assured all that his government will be media-friendly, because since 1st December 2016 people have seen the changes and the media will be more comfortable now than ever before.

He said they will look at the media laws, “so that there will be total reform in that area as well, to make sure people are informed because the media play a crucial role in society.”

Also Barrow announced, henceforth “there will be no executive directives; the government would follow only the rule of law, and there will be no powers imposed on anyone; only the rule of law will be followed.”

“It will be the order of the day, because executive directives make the job very difficult for individuals,” he added.

On the Gambia and Senegal relationship, President Barrow said their relationship would continue to go stronger, because the two nations are the same in all ways and respect.

If one suffers, the other would also be affected, he said, adding that because of the past political impasse in The Gambia thousands of people fled to Senegal for safety.