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NIA Respond to Court Order

Oct 9, 2008, 4:35 AM | Article By: Modou Sanyang

The National Intelligence Agency has responded to an order issued to them by the Banjul Magistrates' Court for the production of Oley Sey's statement she made to them.

According to the NIA the statement produced and tendered in court by the prosecution was the only statement she made to them.

Continuing her testimony under cross-examination by the police prosecutor Cadet Inspector Keita, the 1st accused Oley Sey, said she got to know the 2nd accused Abdou Rahman Bah three weeks prior to the presentation of the D500,000 and that she was together with him during the presentation of the said D500,000. She said the D200,000 that was recovered from her was given to her by the Abdou Rahman Bah for safe keeping. She agreed under cross examination that the D200,000 that was recovered from her was part of the D500,000 donated to SulaymanJunkungJammehMemorialNursery School. She further agreed that the D500,000 presented belongs to the Nursery School and not Abdou Rahman Bah, adding that she kept the D200,000 for a week.

Further testifying under cross-examination Oley Sey admitted that she presented the D200,000 at the NIA and not at KMC Mayor's Office and prior to her presenting the D200, 000 at the NIA she only attended one meeting at the KMC Mayor's office with the community of Abuko. She added that prior to that meeting she had already had the D200,000 in her custody. She said at the Basic and Secondary Education office, Abdou Rahman was confronted with the D500,000 but denied she was confronted by the KMC Mayor about the D500,000. She also agreed that at the presentation it was instructed for the D500,000 to be deposited the same day with three signatories and that she was not part of the three signatories. She said she left with Abdou Rahman Bah after the presentation because he begged for a ride in her car. She also agreed that the Nursery School belongs to the community of Abuko and that she did not belong to that community. She denied conspiring with Abdou Rahman Bah to steal the sum of D500,000 the property of SulaymanJunkungJammehMemorialNursery School.

The case was adjourned to 10th October 2008.