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New Releases: Ras Askia ‘Born Winner’, ‘Growing Up’

Dec 11, 2015, 11:07 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Ras Askia, Gambia’s reggae dancehall singer based in Vienna, has released a new single entitled “Born Winner”, recorded and mixed by Hardcore Production in Austria.

Askia, also a producer of Hardcore Production, told Entertainment and Lifestyle the song Born Winner is just reminding his fans and loved ones of messages that he has been spreading along the years, to remind them that he was meant for this.

“And to let them know that every ghetto is an element of surprise. Give people advices to stay strong,” he said.

‘Growing Up’ single beat was created by B-Wise, recorded and mixed by Hardcore Production

He explained that the Growing Up song is about people coming from the poor side of life, and working as hard as possible to make it in real life and feed themselves and their parents

“I was highlighting the different struggles and ways it gets done by many, and to let the world know that the struggle never ends until we can make the ends meet.”

He added that the songs will be part of his debut album “The Tears” to be released and launch in January 2016.

“Some of the promotional singles are “Wine and Bad like we”, “Never sell my soul”, “Many of times” featuring Darka, “Gallingo” and “My mission” featuring T. Smallz, he added.

He also produced two rhythms in 2015 namely, “Gone Away Rhythm” and “Dem Gal Rhythm” featuring many Gambians artistes.