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New Gunjur VDC Chairman Set Record Straight

Aug 28, 2008, 5:47 AM | Article By: By Nfamara Jawneh

The chairman of the newly formed Village Development Committee (VDC) of Gunjur in Kombo South, Mr Abdou K. Touray, has reacted to comments made by the chief of the area as not important as far they are concerned.

Chairman Touray who walked into our offices on Monday spared neither the chief nor Brikama Area Council.

It could be recalled that in an interview with The Point published on Wednesday 20th August 2008 the chief of Kombo South Sheriff Ajay Janneh said that he recognised the VDC under the leadership of Famara Bojang only. And that the newly formed VDC could only be seen as a development partner and nothing else.

Reacting to the above, Mr Touray said "Chief's comments are not important as far as we are concerned. Some people either misled him for their selfish interest or he is not acquainted with the 2002 Local Government Act. If he does, why is he speaking this way?" he asked.

He said that the VDC under his leadership followed all the steps that need to be followed based on the Local Government Act. "We have a right to call ourselves a VDC as the majority of the Kabilo heads put us there which the Act is advocating," he said.

 He said that the former VDC under the leadership of Famara Bojang could not even mobilise youths to carry out social work in the village unlike his when ever the need arises, people come out in their hundreds. "Chief recognising Famara Bojang's VDC is useless, based on the Act. He has a right to recognise any one he feels like but then neither him nor the area council can decide for the people of Gunjur," he said.

He added that six out of the eight Kabilo heads in the village support the removal of Famara Bojang and the dissolving of his committee.

According to him, it's criminal for Famara Bojang to hold the documents of the village since the majority of the villagers didn't recognise his committee.

He said that since they instituted the new committee, they have sent a letter to the area council and the chief informing them about the change of leadership in Gunjur VDC.

According to him, upon the receipt of their letter the Area Council should send in a fact-finding mission to enquire whether it is true that there is a change of leadership and whether it happened in conformity with the LG Act.

"Some one hundred and eighty youths from the village also signed that letter along side the six Kabilo heads. We are making it clear to all natives of Gunjur that new VDC still stands as it has got the full backing of the LG Act ," he said.