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New book highlights achievements of the 2nd Republic

May 20, 2013, 10:15 AM

A renowned Gambian writer, Dr Seedy Drammeh, has published a new book which highlights the achievements of the APRC government.

The work on the 216-page book called APRC Development Projects since 22nd July 1994, began way back in 2010.

The reviewing of the book lasted for two solid years by its reviewer.

Speaking to The Point, the author said he realised the need to document the achievements of the regime for posterity at a time when there was nothing like a call for competition to do so.

“The book captures most of the developments registered under all the ministries since the advent of the 2nd republic,” he said.

According to him, the book would be useful for any research on Gambia’s development and good for both the present and future generations.

He thanked the local councillors and various ministries who supported and cooperated with him during the process.

Dr Drammeh thanked President Jammeh for sponsoring the printing of 500 copies of the book.

About the author

Dr Seedy Drammeh is a human resource manager at The Gambia Revenue Authority (GRA); he holds a doctorate degree in Business Administration.

He obtained his doctorate degree from the University of Belford in the USA, and his master’s degree (MBA) and post-graduate diploma in Banking and Financial Services from the University of Leicester in the UK among other qualifications.

The author has earlier published ten books among them Guide to Productive Office Work, Jobseekers Hand Booklet, Meet Me in Banjul, Tribute to M.K. Tambajang, Guide to Success, Roles and Responsibilities of HR Professionals, Plight of Office Drivers, Inter-Service Relation in The Gambia, Office Politics and How to Survive It, and Biography of Jaliba Kuyateh.