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NBR district chiefs, village heads challenged to ensure proper judicious use of forest

Sep 7, 2016, 10:48 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

Lamin Queen Jammeh, Governor of North Bank Region (NBR), has challenged all district chiefs and village heads in his region to support all activities geared towards proper environmental management, in a bid to achieve the best from the land use and land management for the benefit of the citizenry.

He encouraged all to take up forest management seriously and protect the environment for today and future generations.

Governor Queen Jammeh made these remarks while presiding over the opening meeting of the regional capitalisation seminar of Regional Programme for Sustainable Land Management and Adaptation to Climate Change in the Sahel and West Africa, held recently in Kerewan.

The stakeholders’ convergence was to take stock of achievements, shortfalls, successes, lessons learnt and incorporate these into future projects.

The 27-month project, which has come to it final terminal activity, was coordinated by Emanic Consulting Co limited and sponsored by CILSS.

The project activities covered the entire North Bank Region, and had the following components: community forest, woodlots, private forests, joint forest park management, agriculture through market analysis and development, soil improvement using dykes and cattle tracks.

Governor Queen Jammeh extended his sentiments to all project beneficiaries and sponsors. who contributed in one way or the other to the successful implementation of the project in the North Bank Region.

He also expressed his satisfaction in the way the Emanic Consulting firm administered the funds of the project, which, he said, needs emulation.

The Governor highlighted the way the Emanic Consulting won the contract from CILSS for implementing, and the ways the project operate in his region.

According to him, the project operation was in line with government strategy and programmes.

Governor Queen Jammeh challenged the beneficiary communities to take up the project programmes seriously, and execute its activities to the utmost of their ability.

He also told the communities that the success or failure of the project depends solely on their immense contribution and determination.

He cited Bakindic as an example in his region for their unique outstanding work in forest management and project implementation.

In his welcome remarks, the Regional forestry officer at NBR, Ebou Janha, commended the NBR project beneficiaries for their active participation during the implementation of the project.

He said now that the project has come to it final stage, the convergence was very important as the purpose was to evaluate  the level of the implementation  of programmes  executed during  its life span through the support of the departments of Forestry and Livestock under the Ministry of Agriculture, and so on.

He advised the beneficiaries to take ownership of the project to ensure its sustainability in the North Bank Region.

He thanked the Cona-CILLSS and Emanic Consulting for piloting the project in the North Bank Region, “which has greatly impacted positively” on the improvement of the livelihood of the beneficiaries.