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NaYCONF: Bansang head boy calls on young people to remain focused

Jan 9, 2013, 10:27 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

It is yet another NaYCONF. This edition, the tenth, is being hosted by the town of Bansang in CRR. Delegates are engaged in a wide range of meaningful activities that seek to transform the lives of the country’s young people.

Conferences, sport, exhibition, culture, and entertainment shows are the events for this year’s edition.

However, at such gatherings, often not mentioned in loud voices is the behaviour of some adults towards young persons.

But, as the head boy of Bansang Senior Secondary School, the host venue, where a host of legally yet-to-be marriageable boys and girls will attend the event, Edrisa Janko is not losing sight of this fact.

To more than one interviewer, he expresses his fears - an indication that his views are shared by many. And to those bent on exploiting young persons of his community, his message is clear: ‘Please leave our young, school-aged girls alone’.

“In such a gathering,” he said, referring to the NaYCONF, “people come with different intentions. Therefore I am urging my fellow students, especially females, to be extra careful as some only come with the intention of abusing girls. I am equally advising the delegates to concentrate on how we can find solutions to the problems affecting young people in the country. I think this is the purpose of the whole thing.”

Janko advised students to avoid attracting unnecessary attention; he called on his fellow students to observe a high standard of self-esteem, discipline and modesty.

 Also speaking to the NaYCONF Daily, Fatou Ndow, a student at Bansang Senior Secondary School, voiced out concerns over the conflict that resulted from the transfer of the venue to Bansang.

“Janjangbureh and Bansang are the same,” she says. “We are all in the same region. I want to call on them to participate fully in the festival. Moving the festival from Janjangbureh to Bansang was due to certain constraints.

“Otherwise, we are very happy when we heard that we will be hosting the festival this year. And the students will really show the maximum respect and discipline that they are known for.”