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Taiwan intervention in Drug Law Enforcement is timely

Oct 26, 2010, 12:13 PM

The training of National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) officials and other stakeholders in the fight against illicit drugs by the visiting Taiwanese trainers from the Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) of Taiwan is indeed timely.

The training is being held at a time when the country is in the international spotlight regarding drug-related matters.

We wish to commend the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan through Ambassador Richard Shih for facilitating and funding the week-long training session.

The participants in this important training course should take the sessions seriously, and also endeavour to put into action what they will learn from the special course.

The trafficking in illicit drugs can only be combated through international partnership and collaboration and, as a result, we see this training as very relevant and timely.

Drug trafficking is one of the serious societal problems that have the potential of destabilising communities. It is a threat to international peace, and no country can be safe and secured from its harmful effects.

Therefore, an integrated approach, which allows people and nations to share their knowledge, skills, resources and experience in combating the menace, is indeed necessary.

It is only when our local officials are armed with the required skills and knowledge that they would be better prepared to fight the menace of drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking has far-reaching effects, ranging from the presence of gangs and gang-related violence to the impact of drug money in poor neighbourhoods, coupled with its devastating effects in destroying societies and the economy.

With this and its other harmful effects, there is a need to wage a war on drug trafficking.

Drug trafficking does not only smear our country's image, its rampant usage has also been identified as the cause of the rising number of young people with mental disorder in our streets. Our country is too small to acquire a reputation for drug dealing.

We would at all times encourage the NDEA and the police to continue the hard work, and not to relax in their alertness and efforts to arrest the  proliferation of trafficking in illicit drugs in this small country, where people uphold human  values and morals.

Once more, we thank the government and people of Taiwan for conducting the course.

"Will do everything in his power to root out the drug lords and to halt drug trafficking as best as he possibly can"

Vincente Fox