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How Much Do You Like Your High Heels

Sep 11, 2009, 8:30 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

At a cocktail party, a group of girls fabulously dressed in their evening gowns and busy enjoying their idle banter punctuating it with sips from their chilly drinks immediately froze as they feasted their eyes on a girl who strode through the hall limping. The girl walked dramatically struggling with her high heels. No harm meant, but she was the clown of the party as everybody giggled helplessly. The other invitees' mouths were shaped in an "o" as their eyes followed her every move.

Bineta chose to wear her stilettos to the party, but they proved to be a complete disaster. She was sweating profusely when she clumsily reached for a chair and a drink to cool off.  But one thing is for sure, that faithful evening would always remain in her mind, because she was totally embarrassed.

Dear readers, this is often the picture we see presented by our fellow sisters (and sometimes by us) embarrassing as it is.

But just like every other thing, high heels have its own advantages and disadvantages.

Now let's weigh them in our balance.


1. High heels makes you look a bit taller than you already are, five inches to your height is fabulous!

2. High heels definitely won't make you look fat. When you are fat, wear heels and you will look a little bit slimmer than you already are. When fat, avoid flats because heels are more slimming than flats.

3. High heels can make your outfit look fabulous. Even a pair of jeans and T shirt can take an entirely different look when a pair of heels are added, and nothing can make a plain skirt pop like the perfect pair of pumps or sandals. Heels add a feminine touch to suit as well.

4. They make you feel great. They change our body stance, making our calf muscles more pronounced, and forcing our derriere and chest out. It nearly forces our body into good posture in general.

5. High heels don't have to cost a fortune. Cheaper ones are even easier to walk with, give it a try. Say for instance an expensive pump is in you favourite collection and the bomb is "it is hard to walk with", that definitely does not prove your money's worth.


Now high heel haters have got something to flash their teeth about once they see the disadvantages.

1. High heels cause havoc to our bodies, sore feet (I have experienced that a lot of times), wearing them for too long can cause knee problems, back pain as well as foot problems.

2. High heels cause serious injury especially a stiletto. Take for example a stiletto digging deep into another person's flesh, all in the name of dancing. Oh girls have you ever experienced a twisted ankle all for high heels sake?

3. Definitely hard to walk in, but the funniest side of the story is that when we see our fellow women walking on heels, we think "wow, she is a high heel-goddess born to wear high heels and could probably climb a mountain in them", but the opposite is always the case.

I once read Kate Henshaw's article on high heels and flats in Today's Newspaper, and she advised us to wear flats with matching hand bags saying that we would come to love it when we do so. And it is true when you try it. So buy yourselves flats and matching hand-bags today.