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NAPSA sensitised students on fields of study

Jan 18, 2011, 12:30 PM | Article By: Isatou Senghore

The National Patriotic Students Association (NAPSA), a student body exclusively responsible for addressing the welfare of Gambian students, recently held a daylong sensitization of students on fields of study.

The occasion was aimed at helping students to appropriately choose their fields of study without influence.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the Regional Education Office in Old Jeshwang, the chairperson of the association, Jarga E. Gaye, said the sensitisation and counselling can help the students to choose disciplines that are relevant to the subjects they know best and can be of immense benefit to them and the Gambia's socio-economic development.

He says inappropriate and wrong choice of fields of study is something that concerns their association because they have observed and experienced that current graduands and many students get into fields of studies that are not exactly their choice.

He therefore called on authorities in various fields of studies, such as science, accounting and others, to improve their counselling of students on choice of disciplines and career objectives.

For his part, the coordinator of the association, Buba Tamba, said the career day was held to better inform students on a wide range of issues concerning their studies and careers.

"A good number of students have been into areas that are not the best for them and as a youth body, we felt it is necessary to take up the challenge of enlightening them on the issue," Mr Tamba said.

Almamy Taal, a private legal practitioner, in his presentation on law, told the students that law is everywhere and everything and as young people studying, they should know the fundamentals of law, the profession and other requirements and aspects of life.

NAPSA is a student umbrella body that works towards inculcating the spirit of patriotism and nationalism in the minds of students by especially instilling the attitude of discipline and hard work in them.

The association also advocates for equal opportunities in education, regardless of colour, sex, background or other forms of barrier, for the good and integration of young people, who are the future leaders.