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Oley Sey Criminal Trial Continues

Nov 20, 2008, 4:02 AM | Article By: Modou Sanyang

The criminal trial of Oley Sey, former nominated member of the National Assembly, and Abdou Rahman Bah, co-ordinator of SulaymanJunkungJammehMemorialNursery School in Abuko, continued yesterday at the Banjul Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Lamin George.

The duo is being alleged to have conspired and stolen the sum of D500,000 being money meant for said Nursery School.

Continuing his testimony, the 2ndaccused Abdou Rahman Bah told the court on 4thAugust 2008 he was called by the KMC Mayor to enquire about the D500,000 whether it was bank to which he replied in the negative. He said he called Oley Sey and told her that the Mayor had asked about the money to which Oley Sey told him she would urge the Mayor to give them time until Hon Fabakary Tombong returned from his overseas trip. He added that on 5thAugust 2008 they meet at the Mayor's office where they were confronted about the D500, 000 of which he told the Mayor that he had D100, 000 and Oley Sey had the remaining D400, 000.

"I told Oley Sey that this was what I have been telling you and since they have asked about the money we should produce the money," he adduced. "I told Oley Sey that I have used the D20, 000 out of the D100, 000 and Oley Sey also told him that she too had invested part of the money into her business in Dubai," he added. Mr Bah revealed that Oley Sey told him to share part of the money she had so that he (Mr Bah) can abscond and leave the country. He said, he told Oley Sey to bring the money she was having and he too will bring the money he was having so that they can open an account but Oley Sey told him to hold on she will try and convince the Abuko committee to give them chance until Hon Tombong Jatta returned from his overseas trip.

Further testifying, Mr Bah told the court on 6thAugust 2008 he received a call from the Chief of Protocol asking about the money of which he told the Chief of Protocol that the account was yet to be opened but the money was in safe hands. He said the Chief of Protocol later told him that they should report to the Ministry of Education the next day with either the bank book or the money and he informed Oley Sey accordingly. He added that at the Ministry of Education he was confronted about the money and again told them that the money was in safe hands. He adduced that he told them that he was having D100, 000 and Oley Sey was having the D400, 000, adding that Oley Sey was later called and asked about the money of which she denied any knowledge. He revealed that while having a private talk with Oley Sey she told him that she was not going to accept the D400, 000 as she had invested the D200, 000 into her Dubai Business and she was left with the D200, 000. He said later some security personnel came in and took them to NIA and at the NIA they where detained for four days before being transferred to the police headquarters where they were also detained for four days.

Hearing continues.