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NAPSA holds press conference

Oct 7, 2011, 1:49 PM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay & Fatoumatta Jawara

The National Patriotic Students Association on 4 October 2011 held a press briefing on the recently pasted GABECE and WASSCE Examination results and the use of the alcohol named Tutapact by youngsters.

Jarga E. Gaye, chairperson of NAPSA, said the past examination result was very good adding that they had 21 students with aggregate 6 and 9As and credits.

“This is a great achievement that is worth to be commended,” he said, while thanking all the students, especially those in Nusrat and Methodist high schools, for their exceptional performance.

He said the other thing disturbing youngsters of the country is alcohol, which the Ministry of Health is fighting tooth and nail to curtail or stop.

The alcohol, named Tutapact, is costing D3 and is mainly consumed by children and the youth.

These are devices that draw the country backwards, he said, while challenging the students to further tighten up their belts and contribute to national development, saying “education is what develops a nation”.

For his part, Muhammed Sanyang, a co-opted member of the association, said it is a challenge for them as student leaders to commend students on whatever good they are doing.

He said that when it comes to the issue of alcohol it should be addressed immediately as “it is cheap and accessible to the kids”.

He said it is good to discuss issues affecting students, which is part of their responsibilities, adding that the future should be built today.

Alhajie Touray, another student leader, said parents should attend the parent-teacher meeting to know what is affecting their children.

“The government is doing everything possible to give the children a decent education,” he added.