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Muslims Have Two Main Sources of Guidance, Says Amir Trawally

Jun 15, 2009, 7:05 AM | Article By: Modou Sanyang

Amir Baba F. Trawally of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at - the Gambia had stated that Muslims have two main sources of guidance: the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah (practice) of the Holy Prophet Muhammed Mustafa (saw).

According to him, the two are inseparable as one cannot claim to be a true follower while rejecting or disobeying the other.

Amir Trawally was speaking on Friday 12 June 2009, during the opening of the 33rd Jalsana of the Ahmadiyya Muslin Jama'at, The Gambia, held at Nusrat Senior Secondary School in Bundung. He said the "Sunnah" is a reflection of the teachings embedded in the Holy Qur'an. "The Sunni (a follower of the Sunnah is therefore a protector of the teachings of the Holy Qur'an in conduct," he added.

According to him, one thousand four hundred year ago, "the perfect and final divine code of conduct was revealed". This code of conduct, he added, is the Holy Qur'an provides for all the temporal and spiritual needs of man for all times to come. He said "its teachings are rooted in human nature and that is the reason it fulfils all the needs of man at all times whenever and however they arise", noting that it contains every beauty that man's heart desires.

Amir Trawally further stated that it teaches peace and love, not violence and hatred; it teaches justice, honesty and sincerity in everything that man does and no vowel can be altered in it. "It will last until the Day of Judgement," he added. "It is not owned by any human being; it is owned by the Almighty Allah," he stated. He said God is the sole protector of this greatest book and guidance for the mankind. "It was revealed to the Holy Founder of Islam, Sayyedna Muhammed Mustafa (saw)," he added. "The morally and spiritually deprived of centuries were restored to life in an instance by following his blessed book," he stated.

He said the recipient of this perfect book, the Holy Prophet Muhammed Mustafa (saw) appeared in the world at a time of total darkness.  "He filled it with light so much so that the darkness became history and he joined the hearts of mutual enemies in love," Amir Trawally stated. "Thus, the Holy Qur'an says that he is indeed the mercy for the entire creation. He said he taught man how to attain peace in every sphere of life: economic, social, political and religious. He noted that the life of the Holy Prophet Muhammed Mustafa (saw) was the practical manifestation of the teachings of the Holy Qur'an. He said Prophet Muhammed (saw) was the prince of peace, the embodiment of love, the sun of righteousness, the champion of all the lovers of the Almighty Allah. He urged all and sundry to study the political, economic, social and moral teachings of the Holy Prophet of Is lam Muhammed Mustafa (saw) for, as he put it, therein lies the only hope of peace. He said "no self made theory can safe any society and we can only survive by practical obedience and total submission to the will of Allah, the Almighty by following the true teachings and practices of His most beloved Messenger, the Holy prophet Muhammed Mustafa (saw)".

Amir Trawally reminded the Jama'at that the Jalsa is not like worldly gathering, it has only one purpose and that is the remembrance of Allah Almighty, and nothing should divert them from that purpose. Over four thousand people from Senegal, Guinea-Bissau and The Gambia attended the 33rd Jalsa Salana.