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Musician Jampara returns from America

Oct 29, 2010, 11:12 AM

Information reaching Point Entertainment has revealed that the Burundian reigning reggae king, Jampara, recently returned to his base in Holland after a successful musical tour of the United States.

The reggae star was in the US as part of his annual music tour. During the tour, musician Jampara visited different parts in the United States, such as Texas, Houston, and Austin Dallas, to entertain his fans.

"Jampara's tour to the US was a total success," his manager said in an e-mail sent yesterday to Point Entertainment.

Clazina added that Jampara was able to meet with "movers and shakers" of the American music industry.

"The tour was very much successful in terms of the public, the promoters as well as the wonderful atmosphere," manager Clazina said.

According to him, the international musician is preparing to go back to the US in January 2011.

This time, musician Jampara will start his tour in Texas, California and New York in the US and proceed to Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver in Canada.

"It was a very good experience for me as well as the public dancing with me. It was a fire in wire Battalion Musician," Jampara revealed.