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Muhammed Lamin Jarsey Arabic School graduates 26 students

Jun 17, 2014, 11:59 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M. Conteh

Muhammed Lamin Jarsey Arabic School recently graduated 26 students at a ceremony held at the school grounds in Bakoteh.

Sheikh Omar Danso, an Islamic scholar, spoke on the Importance of knowledge and behaviours of a knowledgeable person.

According to him, the most important thing for a human being is to first search for knowledge in this world, adding that as Muslims they should search for knowledge that would lead them into worshiping the Almighty Allah.

He pointed out that the Almighty Allah respect knowledgeable people, thus it was important for someone to search for knowledge anywhere, because it was only knowledgeable people who lead people in prayers, religious gatherings, mediators between Muslims and the Almighty Allah, fighting for good habits, preaching Muslims Umma to come to Islam among other aspects.

He said as Muslims, one needs to respect knowledgeable people, because the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) respect knowledgeable person during his time and it was incumbent upon themselves as Muslims to search for knowledge wherever they could in order “to protect our religion, Islam”.

Sheikh Danso informed the graduates that the search for knowledge was an obligation laid on every Muslim, adding that knowledge is the best treasure human being could secretly hoard up in life, because it was knowledge that could make someone to be honest and virtuous in society in which he or she lives.

Sheikh Dawda Jabang disclosed that the school had transferred to their present site in 1999 and officially started operation in 2002.

Sheikh Dawda Jabang thanked all those who graced the ceremony, adding that this was the first-ever graduation ceremony to be organised by the students themselves, with support from their teachers.

According to him, since the official commencement of the school in 2002, 401 Grade 9 students had graduated at the school, out of which 37 were girls and 364 boys.

Imam Fatty, who dilated on the topic: ‘‘Discipline in Islam’, advised the graduates to do away with habits that are not of interest to them and humanity in general.

He urged elders to inculcate discipline into the young ones so that in the future they would be good leaders.

According to him, this could not be achieved without parents setting good examples for their children, adding that this was why as parents they needed to be supportive to their own children’s future.