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Sanna Sabally Allegation: Trial Continues

Feb 3, 2009, 4:42 AM | Article By: Yai Dibba & Binta Fatty

Seedy Dem of Marakisa village, Kombo Central, on Thursday 29th January 2009 testified as the first prosecution witness in the on-going trial of the six charged with the Sanna Sabally allegation.

Nanbel Jawo, Momodou Jallow, Amadou Jallow, Ansu Jarju, and Sulayman Jallow, are standing trial over allegations that they slaughtered a black bull as charity for Sanna Sabally to overthrow the Government of The Gambia.

Both of them have denied the charges.

In his testimony before Magistrate Pa Harry Jammeh at the Brikama Magistrates' Court, Seedy Dem told the court that some four years back, one Cherno Sabally of Kassa Kunda village asked him to help find a black bull. He said that Cherno told him that the black bull was for a charity for a younger brother by the name Sainey Sabally for him to easily obtain some documents that he urgently needed in Europe.

He told the court that Cherno gave him an amount of D7, 000 for him to find the black bull. He said upon receiving the money he went to Momodou Jallow, the second accused, to enquire from him whether he had a black bull or not.

Momodou said he did not have one, but directed him to Sulayman Jallow, the sixth accused person, and together they went to Sulayman in Jambanjelly village. He said Sulayman told him that he has one, but he wants to exchange it with a female one, and the owner is in Brikama. He said the following day they met the owner and bought the bull and Sulayman brought it for him, and then Cherno told him that his brother (Sainey Sabally) had called him to say that when making the charity it should be made at his [Seedy Dem's] compound. He told the court that the bull was indeed slaughtered in his compound and part of the meat was cooked and the rest was taken away by Cherno and his brothers. He further stated that Cherno told him that his brother had instructed him that when making the charity, the marabout family of Siffoe (Kanteh Kunda) ate the meat and prayed, and that was done.