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Mourites Celebrate 106 Magal

Feb 17, 2009, 4:30 AM | Article By: Ahmed Carayol

Faithful "Talibes" of Serigne Muhammadou Bamba Mbacke - Hadim Rassolou, commonly known as Serigne Touba, last weekend celebrated the 106th anniversary of the sending into exile of their leader to Gabon known as "Magal" in September 1895. This happened because his life style and the teaching of Islam was against the liking of the colonial masters - the French. This annual celebration attracts over two million people from around the world.

Since the return of Serigne Touba to Senegal in 1903, after spending seven years and seven months in exile, he declared that he would celebrate the event annually, and this is the third time that the event has fallen on a Saturday. The first one was during the existence of Sereign Touba, the second during the reign of Serigne Fallow Mbacke and the third in the present reign of the late Serign Fallow, Serigne Mohammed Barra Mbacke.

The occasion was celebrated by narration of the life history of Serigne Touba this included singing of praises and poems he wrote.

Many of the Serignes in Touba, Children and grandchildren of Serigne Touba with their followers also organised recitation of the Holy Quran and "Asida" written by Serign Touba.

Since the present Halifa General took over in 2007 after the death of Serigne Saliou Mbacke (the last son of Serigne Touba to be on the chair) he has continued to make several improvements which commenced during the time of Serign Saliou. This is the second Magal since his accession.

Touba now has a good water supply, electricity and good roads. A University is also in operation. President Wade who is also a Talibe vowed to continue the good work he started during the time of Serigne Saliou to make the town a regional capital. President Wade also visited the various projects, which are currently going on.

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