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More witnesses testify in Waa Juwara ‘abuse of office’ trial

Jan 8, 2015, 10:17 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

The third prosecution witness (PW3), Omar Bojang, a farmer living in Jamburr, yesterday testified in the ‘abuse of office’ trial involving former Minister of Local Government and Lands Lamin Waa Juwara, before Magistrate Sarre of the Brikama Magistrates’ Court.

In his testimony, Omar Bojang said he could recall what happened sometime in 1996, between Jamburr Village and one Gidom Jallow.

He did not know the accused person and saw him for the first time in the court room.

What he knew was that Gidom Jallow came to Jamburr and said he needed a place to settle down.

Gidom Jallow went to Jarreh Kunda Kabilo because his relatives are staying there, and they have six kabilos in Jamburr, the witness added.

Gidom Jallow went to Jarreh Kunda Kabilo to ask for a place to settle down, and Jarreh Kunda Kabilo took cola-nuts to Jamburr elders.

The elders accepted him, and gave him a plot of land at a place between Jamburr and Farato called CDC.

Then one day they heard that Sinchu Gidom has become a village of its own, and has an Alkalo.

The village alkalo called them, and they had a meeting on the issue and decided to go and see the Chief of Kombo South.

The chief told them the news came from a higher office, he said.

The chief said what happened should not have happened, but since it came from a higher office, he could not do anything about it.

They proceeded to the Governor and asked him the same question, and he said the same thing to them.

They decided to write to the Office of the President stating their sadness about the division that happened in their village.

He said they heard that it was one Sillah, who was appointed as the alkalo of Sinchu Gidom, but was removed and the son of Gidom Jallow, one Jallow, was appointed.

He said they did not receive any reply from the Office of the President.

Later, the alkalo said he received a letter from the Governor’s office that Jallow has been dismissed, and Sinchu Gidom was now under Jamburr.

The witness said he was called to report at the Brikama Police Station.

Under cross-examination, Waa Juwara asked the witness if it was correct that Sinchu Gidom is between Farato and Jamburr, and the witness replied in the affirmative.

“So it is true that Sinchu Gidom is a settlement of its own since 20 years back,”“No,” PW3 responded.

The case continues on 13 January 2015.