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More good tidings

Feb 16, 2015, 9:29 AM

The recent trooping into the country of Turkish investors has continued to strengthen hopes of good relations between Turkey and The Gambia, as well as trade and investment opportunities between both nations.

At the weekend at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, the Turkish ambassador to The Gambia said his government has the will to further develop the existing relations between Turkey and The Gambia, which have been improved upon “significantly” over time in “all areas”, especially in investment and trade.

This is more good tidings of investment and trade between the two countries.

In today’s world, the battle for development is mainly on the economic front, which is to ensure the nation is economically strong to meet its needs and provide development opportunities for its citizens.

And one sure way this could be achieved is through national economic prosperity, which comes through domestic and foreign direct investments, as we forge strategic alliances with other nations of goodwill and integrate selectively in the global trade and economic ballgame of the comity of nations.

The four-day visit of the 30 Turkish investors from different sectors is expected to yield fruits, as it was out to enhance bonds of brotherhood, cultural, and trade cooperation between Turkey and The Gambia.

This means there are lots of unforeseen benefits in the visit of the Turkish investors. Trade, manufacturing, tourism, education and other major sectors of development are given due consideration by the visiting investors, as well as our Gambian officials, who deliberated on matters of serious concern to both countries.

Turkey and The Gambia, as was rightly mentioned by officials of both countries at the investment forum, have been enjoying for a long time, “friendly and brotherly relations based on common cultural affinities and a deep-rooted past.”

An emerging donor country, Turkey is a member of the G20. It is also Europe’s 6th largest economy and one of the 17 largest economies in the world.

The country also has a well-educated qualified and competitive workforce, important domestic market, competitive and dynamic private sector, highly developed technological infrastructure in transportation, telecommunications, and energy sectors, which has continued to make it an energy terminal and corridor in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Mediterranean, connecting east and west, with a vibrant customs union.

On the other hand, The Gambia is one of the safest countries in Africa and a safe place to operate a business. It also possesses a highly stable economy, with investors profiting from a liberal, market-based economy. The country also has a business-friendly environment, with easier-than-ever ways to start a business.

As an Ecowas member country, The Gambia ensures easy market access to over 300 million people.

Her agriculture, air services, energy, fisheries, ICT, light manufacturing, river transport, and tourism sectors all provide immense opportunities for investors to invest in The Gambia.

So maintaining trade and investment relations, among others, is a win-win situation for both Turkey and The Gambia.

“When you’re an investor, you should look at both the quantitative and qualitative elements of an investment.”

Kevin O’Leary