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Guinea again

Jul 20, 2011, 6:19 PM

Since the election of veteran opposition leader Alpha Conde of Guinea Conakry as the first democratically elected president of that country last December, and after the first free election in the West African country since independence from France, many people thought the people of Guinea have opted for a commitment to democracy and progress.

However, news coming from Guinea these days is, indeed, disturbing.

Media reports have it that Guinean President Alpha Conde escaped a sustained rocket and gunfire attack on his residence on Tuesday, that killed one person and left his home riddled with bullet holes.

Anyone who follows news from that country will agree that the political disturbances that gripped the country, prior to its elections, are still fresh in the minds of people.

There have been killings and reprisal killings that had threatened the very foundations of the country, key among which was the massacre, during the anti-junta protest against junta leader Captain Mousa Dadis Camara’s desire to succeed himself as a civilian president by contesting elections.

From the look of things, and above all expectations, Guinea Conakry is apparently not yet back on track.

For a country whose political history has been marked by tragedies and much turbulence, the people of Guinea Conakry, especially the army, seem not to have learned their lessons in dealing with the issues confronting them.

We have always emphasized, in these pages, that no one else is going to step in and solve the problems of Guineans. Guineans must help themselves and stand firm to solve their own problems.

What Guinea needs is peace and stability, which can only be ensured by good governance.

Guineans, like all Africans, have to begin by having confidence in themselves - which they have admirably demonstrated over the years.

If President Alpha Conde is able to draw up his development agenda around his new mindset, then his country is truly in for a new dawn that will put it on the path to peace, progress and prosperity forever.

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”