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Mississppi Valley State University students and Professor visit UTG

Jul 24, 2013, 11:54 AM

On Wednesday, July 17, 2013 a group of 16 adult students and a professor made a courtesy visit to The University of The Gambia to discuss possible areas of partnership and collaboration.

The visit came about as a result of correspondences between the professor and the UTG which was made possible through the efforts of an alumnus of the UTG, Mr. Pa Lamin Sarr, who is currently based in Kentucky, USA.

Pa Lamin and his wife Dr. Dorris Sarr are the proprietors of Smiling Coast Tours that arranged the trip of the visitors.

During the meeting, which took place at the Chancery of the UTG, Professor Muhammadou M.O. Kah, the Vice Chancellor of the UTG, welcomed the delegation and said he is very proud of the likes of Pa Lamin Sarr, an alumnus who has not forgotten where he came from.

VC Kah said if it were not for this university (UTG), Pa Lamin might not have gone to the US; might not have got a Master’s degree; might have not even met his wife, Dr. Dorris; might have not started the Smiling Coast Tours; which means this visit, if it were not the UTG, might have not taken place.

Professor Kah further informed the gathering that the UTG has partnership collaboration with several universities around the globe, including those in the United States; among the most vibrant ones in the US are Saint Mary’s College of Maryland, University of Illinois Springfield, University of Iowa and Drexel University. He disclosed to the guests that the UTG is ready to receive professors in all disciplines as “we are a comprehensive university.”

Prof Kah further disclosed to the visitors that “we have been receiving foreign students here and that we have graduated an American here in Medicine and currently a German is enrolled in the same discipline.” He encouraged black students to also explore the idea of studying here as it is mostly white students coming over to study here at the UTG.

On his part Dr. Mims expressed his gratitude to the Vice Chancellor and the entire University of The Gambia for receiving him and his students.

Dr. Mims explained that Mississippi Valley State University does offer Master’s degree in Social Work and will be interested in collaborating with the UTG in the field and other areas of interest.

Pa Lamin Sarr, a UTG alumnus and proprietor of Smiling Coast Tours narrated his experience at the UTG during its embryonic stage.

He said the current students of The UTG should consider themselves very lucky because they do not have to go through what they went through – running around between MDI, GTTI (Kanifing) and Gambia College (in Brikama) looking for classes and lecturers.

“We used to call it Mobile University. Now students know where their classes and do find their lecturers at specific places. This is very positive,” he posited.

He said he is so grateful to the UTG for making him whom he is today and that is why he wants to give back to his alma mater; he will continue endeavour to link the UTG with the United States.

Other speakers, including Dr. Omar Jah Jr., Deputy Vice Chancellor, Mr. Morro Krubally, Manager of Facilities & University Services and Mr. Yankuba Mamburay, Senior University Relations Officer, expressed delightfulness to receive the guests and the hope to establish fruitful working relationship with Mississippi Valley State University.