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Mirror publisher launches another book

Mar 17, 2015, 10:09 AM | Article By: Fatou Jallow

Mirror Newspaper founder and chief editor Seedy Bojang Friday launched another book entitled “Piece Apart”, together with another writer called Derek Annabel who authored “The Folly of an Elderly White Gentleman in West Africa”.

The two writers are sometimes labeled as parallel or twin writers, as they always write side by side and on topics regarding society.

The book “Piece Apart” talks about poverty and its effects on society, while “The folly of an old White Gentleman in West Africa” tells about the story of a retired old whiteman who travelled all the way from Europe to Africa to fine happiness.

Speaking at the launching, Amat Bah, said he could remember that in the 80s there were few Gambian writers, and all books read at that time were books written by other writers from other countries.

However, with the advance of education, the situation is changing, adding that one thing with Gambians is that they are not willing to read, and it is also hard to prosper in the area of writing in this country.

He said the talent is here, but the support is lacking, adding that writing could be a sustainable area for young people in the country, which could bring about the development of families and the nation at large.

He urged the private sector to encourage these emerging writers, who are ready to sell the rich culture of the country.

The former director general of the Gambia National Library, Abdou Mbye, said literature is a tool to mirror society, but it should be balanced as it shows the true colours of society.

He said literature should make you wonder, but it should also make you laugh, and urged writers to write, but let it be balanced and be fair to society.

The authors thanked their sponsors and everyone who made it possible for the launching of the new books, and hoped to continue writing for the betterment of society.

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