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Migration at a glance

Oct 4, 2010, 11:57 AM

Human migration is the physical movement by humans from one area to another, sometimes over long distances or in large groups.

The movement of populations in modern times has continued under the form of both voluntary migration within one's region, country, or beyond, and involuntary migration.

The pressures of human migrations, whether due to outright conquest or by slow cultural infiltration and resettlement, have affected the grand epochs in history.

There are so many factors leading to migration. Some migrate mainly to pursue their education with the intention of coming back to serve their country. Others prefer to stay in the Diaspora for greener pastures.

Over the years, we have seen many African youths traveling to Europe through the back way and, as a result, some of them eventually lost their lives in the high seas before reaching their final destination.

Some people venture into migration because of peer group influence, while others do it in order to live a better live and change their financial status; also to support their poor families.

However, for others they have all the means to establish a viable business in their countries, but instead decided to use boats and travel through the illegal means to fulfil their dreams.

Some people will even go to the extent of selling their properties just to travel, knowing the risks involved.

Our advice, to people who want to join the Diaspora, is that they should acquire the proper documents to enable them move freely, once they arrive in the country of their destination.

What we would recommend, however, is for all to stay in Africa and help develop the continent.

"There is a great deal of uncertainty around migration, each person has their own range of reasons (for moving)."

Marco MacFarlane