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Mighty Joe’s album launch registers huge success

Nov 16, 2012, 11:17 AM

It will be regarded as one of the most successful albums ever launched in The Gambia.

His album launching was well advertised in both the print and electronic media some weeks before the launching.

Mighty Joe finally staged his double album launching at Alliance Franco last Saturday.

As promised, many people were given his album after purchasing the entrance ticket. Due to the popular demand on his CD album, the album got finished just some minutes after 11pm.

His co artiste started performing early on stage before Mighty himself came on stage. The artiste turnout was excellent and almost all the top Gambian artistes were in the line up.

The Alliance Franco pavilion was full to capacity and some people were still struggling to squeeze themselves just to see Mighty perform.

Unfortunately many people, especially those who came a bit late do not have any option but to be behind stage because there was no place they can squeeze themselves.

All the artistes who performed at the show regarded the launching as very successful.

The most touching part of the album launching was when the young artiste’s mother came on stage to congratulate her son for the good work; they were seen hugging each other on stage and they could not all stop their tears from shedding out.

This has made many people believe that Mighty Joe and his family do not expect such a massive turnout from the people.

Many artistes performed by play back, whilst Mighty Joe performed with the famous Humanity Band.

Mighty Joe, who performed for more than two hours, performed all his songs that are well loved by his fans on stage.

Immediately after he played his last song and said good bye to the fans, this reporter managed to have a word with him at his dressing room.

“I told you several times that I am well loved by the Gambian people and you see it for yourself today. At the moment I just want to say let them watch out more from me and my albums will soon be available in all music stores in The Gambia,” he said.

“I thank everybody who has made the launching a success because I cannot do it alone, I want to say special thanks to the media, big thanks to my family, they have been so supportive.”

“I am really overjoyed at the moment and I am even out of words,” the double album launcher concluded.

Meanwhile, those who want to purchase Mighty Joe’s album (both the audio and the DVD) can reach him on 7799818 or 3799818.